International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress 2018
9-13 September Liege - Belgium  &  Amsterdam - The Netherlands
ISSC 2009 Reports

Technical Committee I.1 Environment
Technical Committee I.2 Loads
Technical Committee II.1 Quasi-Static Response
Technical Committee II.2 Dynamic Response
Technical Committee III.1 Ultimate Strength
Technical Committee III.2 Fatigue and Fracture
Technical Committee IV.1 Design Principles and Criteria
Technical Committee IV.2 Design Methods
Specialist Committee V.1 Damage Assessment after Accidental Events
Specialist Committee V.2 Floating Production Systems
Specialist Committee V.3 Materials and Fabrication Technology
Specialist Committee V.4 Ocean Wave and Wind Energy Utilization
Specialist Committee V.5 Naval Ship Design
Specialist Committee V.6 Condition Assessment of Aged Ships and Offshore Stuctures
Specialist Committee V.7 Impulsive Pressure Loading and Response Assessment
Specialist Committee V.8 Sailing Yacht Design
Chairman's Advisory Committee Offshore Structures Working Group